Experience Letter Format with Salary

An experience letter or Experience Certificate is meant to provide an evidence for the work history of an employee, it may not include salary details. Offered here, is a format of experience letter for everyone to use while writing experience letter with salary.

An experience letter / experience certificate must be written in such a manner that it displays the good work of the applicant highlighting his positive traits. For some employers providing the last three salary slips of previous employment is sufficient while applying for a new job whereas for others, an experience letter / certificate with salary is required.

Experience Certificate Format

Experience Certificate may be crafted in a unique style depending upon employees and their job profiles. The HR guidelines or old prevalent HR practices of the employer organization drives the experience certificate format. It is a common practice that employees join and leave, but the format of experience certificate remains more or less the same; however they are different in terms of the jargon used, the job profiles / levels of employees and the industry they are working in.

In the corporate world experience letter / experience certificate serves as an evidential document to prove that the candidate in question was the employee of the particular company and held the claimed position and was handling the claimed sets of duties. It is a key employment related document which is required by the prospective employer to verify the credentials of employee and claims as made in the employee CV / resume.

Difference between Experience Letters and Relieving Letters

A job experience letter is a document that is provided by the employers when his employee is relieved off his duties. A work experience letter is a vital tool that an employee can have for future job hunting. This document can efficiently tell the future potential organizations about the candidate’s efficacy and dexterity.

Experience Letter Sample for Accountants

It requires exemplary skills to draft any kind of professional communication document. On the part of writer it demands great sincerity, expertise and skills for effective communication. As it a business document you cannot experiment with the format. It has to have a commonly practiced format.