Top 10 tips to write Best Relieving Letter Samples

Professionally a letter that is a documentation of the work history of an employee is his experience letter issued to him by his past organizations at the time of resignation. Experience letters are relevant when you are trying to change your job and wish to join new one.

How a relieving letter facilitates in clean exits

Before you go ahead with your job offer, make sure you collect your relieving letter before you join the next organization. A leading recruitment firm also warns that exit interviews should never be taken lightly and how a relieving letter is a crucial piece of official document.

How does relieving letter important help for your next job

Studies by recruitment agencies show that 92 per cent of the employees and managements across various domains take exit policies seriously. Research findings also show that more than 90 per cent of the organizations stress on a relieving letter during recruitment.

top 10 reasons why a relieving letter is important

Congratulations, you have just cracked on a new job offer. It is time you move on to your next company or the dream role that you were hoping for. You must be excited with the turn of things happening and at the same time anxious in completing the formalities of exit policy with your previous company.