Experience Letter Format with Salary

Writing Experience Letter With Salary 

Giving details of salary in an experience letter / experience certificate is not a very common practice yet it can be prevalent and demanded at some places. If the employers have opted to mention the salary details of an employee in the letter, they should know about the experience letter format with salary.

As an experience letter is meant to provide an evidence for the work history of the candidate, the letter must be written in such a manner that it displays the good work of the applicant highlighting his positive traits. For some candidates providing the last three salary slips of previous employment is sufficient while applying for a new job whereas for others, an experience letter with salary is required.

Exerience letter with salary details help the organizations to assess the candidate’s credibility when it comes to the salary part. Experience letter format with salary help the companies verify the relevant details about remuneration drawn, that an applicant provides in his job application and in his CV. As said before also, not all experience letters are written with a mention of remuneration drawn by the employee and the ones which have a mention of salary must be well formatted and written it their own typical way.

These letters which apparently also act as character certificate of the employee while describing his worthiness, credibility and positivity for the organization vouches on the genuineness of the information an employee provides during the time of interview or on his CV and application.

Given below is a format, for the employers to use while writing experience letter with salary.

Format of Experience Letter with Salary Details

Experience Letter Format With Salary


This experience letter that has a reference to the salary of the employee will surely help those who wish to make a mention of salary in experience letter format. Whether or not to mention salary is dependent on user’s discretion and requirement.