Experience Letter Format with Salary

An experience letter or Experience Certificate is meant to provide an evidence for the work history of an employee, it may not include salary details. Offered here, is a format of experience letter for everyone to use while writing experience letter with salary.

An experience letter / experience certificate must be written in such a manner that it displays the good work of the applicant highlighting his positive traits. For some employers providing the last three salary slips of previous employment is sufficient while applying for a new job whereas for others, an experience letter / certificate with salary is required.

Experience Letter Sample for Software Engineers

The experience letter of a software engineer can give a deeper insight into the engineer’s candidature, his abilities of software development and management, handling clients besides highlighting his acumen for project development, execution and delivery.

Experience Letter for Executive Assistant

Executive assistant is one of the most popular job positions and a very significant one as well. Executive assistants make sure that an organization runs smoothly and its operations are carried out efficiently. Because of the significant nature of the job, employers prefer to hire only experienced candidates.

Experience Letter Format for Accountant

Accountants carry out a number of duties in different organizations, and are employed at different levels. Their duties mostly vary with the kind and size of the organization and the level at which they are appointed. As far as an accountant is concerned, experience counts a lot in this field.