Do Not Fake Experience Certificates

 Do Not Fake Experience Certificates

Read these words carefully and imprint them in your mind, if you wish for a career without any hitches or legal problems. Sometimes when employees don’t complete the bond period or don’t serve the required notice period, then the employer don’t provide the relieving letter or the Experience Certificate. No matter what is the case, don’t fake experience letter. Faking the Experience Certificate can lead you to greater trouble and can even cost you your job.

  • The very first thing that you should remember is that an employer is not legally bound to give the Experience Certificate to an employee, although if an employee satisfies all the clauses of the job agreement he or she can request for the Experience Certificate.
  • Even if your employer is not giving you the Experience Certificate or the relieving letter after continuous requests, don’t fake it. If you join another company by providing a fake Experience Certificate, your employer can lodge a complaint and can even impose a penalty on you. Instead of faking the Experience Certificate, it is better to talk about your problem with your new employer and be honest. Employers sometimes make provision or exemptions for Experience Certificate, if your previous employer is not providing one. Sometime, your previous salary slips or your relieving letter is accepted in place of your Experience Certificate.

Beware of fake certificate providers

Nowadays, there are numerous providers offering fake certificates claiming that no one will be able to differentiate between a fake and a real one, but it is always better to stay away from such providers, as there is always a risk of the fake certificates being identified. Almost all employers verify certificates and documents submitted by employees, so even if you have submitted a fake Experience Certificate, then this will be revealed in the verification process, and this will ruin your professional image and will end your chances of being selected for the job as well.

Few lies can result into a mess

Several candidates think that a few lies in the resumes does not make a difference, and exaggerate their experience in their resume or CV to get a better job. Candidates even produce fake Experience Certificate to support the lies, but forget that background check is a usual in recruitment process presently, which reveals all the lies. This not only negatively affects the current job, but also affects the upcoming job opportunities. Many feel that companies don’t verify very minute details that candidates forge, but this is a big mistake.

Companies now do a thorough background check to make sure that only honest candidates are selected for the job. With the increasing web of social networking sites, it is difficult to hide facts about a person, and remember that employers also scan through a candidate’s social network profiles to find out more about the candidates. If you are found dishonest at any stage of your job, then you will be in a big trouble. When you are in the corporate world upholding professional ethics is must and there is no shortcut for hard work.

Get the experience certificate with genuine means

When an employee complete the minimum tenure required by a company, employers usually provide the relieving letter and also the Experience Certificate. All you need to do is to put forward a written request to provide you an Experience Certificate and you can also mention in your application that you have completed the bond period or you have served the notice period. Employers, usually grant the Experience Certificate in such cases without any hassle. If you are talented, trained, and dedicated, then you never have to fake any certificate to get a job, as your skills are a proof in itself.