How Important is an Experience Letter

How Important is an Experience Letter

Organizations or companies issue Experience Letter, also known as experience certificate, to their employees to certify that they have served the enterprise for a certain amount of time. Presently, when you apply for jobs or are selected for a job, your current employer can ask for an Experience Letter from your previous employers to verify the experience that you hold. A number of times applicants mention extensive experience in their resume or CV, but don’t actually have that much experience. This is why employers confirm the actual experience of a candidate before appointing him or her in the company.

Significance of this Letter

An Experience Letter acts as a proof of your experience and will always help you in getting better job opportunities. Not only is the Experience Letter important for career changes, but it is also important for Visa processing, if you are going abroad for a job. Usually employers provide the Letter when employees leave the job, but in some instances, employees will have to ask for the Letter. If you are exiting from your current company in a smooth manner, then you might easily get the Experience Letter from your employer.

You can ask for the Experience Letter when you submit your resignation letter to your employer. However, if your boss does not issue the experience letter even after your request, then you might have to submit a written request for the Letter. The Experience Letter will help you with your future references and will back up your resume for future job search as well. This letter does not only include your name or position but it also include some other important details regarding your employment. Some of the details included in the Experience Letter are:

  • It includes the time period for which you have served the company
  • It mentions the post that you held
  • It also states how dedicated you were during your job tenure
  • It covers your conduct while you were in the job
  • Remarks by the employer is also included in the letter

Apart from the abovementioned details, some lines stating how you benefited the company with your skills and how hard working you were, are also mentioned in the Experience Letter. This letter serves as an evidential document that can support what you have written in your CV or resume. This makes the Experience Letter as important as your other documentation. It is the duty of employers to issue the experience letter, which is duly drafted according to the latest format to the employee at the time of leaving the job. The letter should comprise of the details of the organization that the employee have been working with along with nature of work of the employee as well.

The format of the letter is also very important just like the format of the CV or the resignation letter. The experience letter being a proof of your experience should be drafted in a proper manner according to a proper format. This helps in making the letter appear professional and will help in impressing potential employers. One can now find latest Experience Letter format that helps in drafting the letter in a professional way. This Letter is generally written on the letterhead of the company issuing the letter, as this helps in authenticating the Experience Letter. A letter written on authentic company letterhead also helps in differentiating between real and fake Letters that some people use in job applications. It is always suggested to use authentic experience letter when applying for a job, as it has a great impact on your integrity.