Experience letter format for Sales Manager

Experience letter format for Sales Manager

With increasing competition, experience letters have become very important for jobseekers and it is now an important part of official documents, which jobseekers need to submit while applying for a job. Usually issued by the HR department of an organization, this letter is written on the official letterhead of a company is addressed to the employee, who needs this letter. Employees leaving a company normally request for an experience letter. However, sometimes working employees might also ask for experience letter for other official purposes. No matter what the need is, the Experience letter format is almost the same for every employee, and it mainly highlights the strengths and skills that an employee displayed while working for the organization. It also lists down the job duties of the employee and mention the exact duration of employment of employees who are leaving the company. Following the right format and structure is very significant while writing an experience letter as this is an important business letter. Nowadays, one can find several Experience letter formats and templates, so one can pick the best Experience letter format. Here are some Experience letter formats for the post of sales manager.

Experience letter format for sales manager 1


Dear Mr. /Ms. (Name of the employee)

This letter is to officially state that (name of the employee) was employed at (name of the company) from (date of joining) to (date of submission of resignation). He/ She was appointed on the post of sales manager and rendered all his/her duties with assiduousness. There was no complaint against (name of the employee) during his/her term of employment, and he/she completed all the tasks assigned to him/her successfully. He/she handled a number of tasks and rendered different duties raging from meeting sales target, to managing sales activities, and maintaining sales budget at the same time. He/ She always found out a creative way of dealing with sales activities and brought out the best outcome for different sales projects. He/she also showed exceptional leadership qualities while managing the sales team designated under him/ her. He/ She was not only an hardworking person, but also became a source of inspiration for the sales team.

We express our regards for all the future ventures of
(name of the employee) and wish the best for him/her.

Name of HR Manager (Or name of supervisor of the department the employee was appointed in)



Name of the Company

A brief Experience letter format for sales manager


To Whomsoever It May Concern

This letter certifies that Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) was a part of the sales team at (Name of the company), and was appointed at the post of sales manager. (Name of the employee) served the company from (joining date) to (date of leaving the job).

Name of the employee) carried out all his/her responsibilities with care and dexterity and made sure that all the assignments were complete within the deadline.

Some of the main responsibilities included: (List down the major job responsibilities of the employee)

During the tenure all the services of (name of the employee) was found to be satisfactory.

We wish that (name of the employee) succeeds in all his/ her upcoming endeavors.

Name of the Manager



Name of the company

One can make changes to the content of these sample experience letters, but the format should be kept intact for all employees. The format usually remains the same across different industries and the content of the body of the letter is edited as it is required for different employees. One can shorten the experience letter by skipping the job responsibilities section, or by mentioning the main job duties in a few words only. The primary purpose of the experience letter is to mention that the addressee hold a valid experience as mentioned in their CV, and had worked in the mentioned company on a specific post. 

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