How to Write an Experience Certificate?

How to Write an Experience Certificate?

Employers have to write an Experience Certificate addressed to employees, confirming that he or she was a part of the organization for a particular time period, and it also attest the contributions made by the employee and the skills that he or she possess. This kind of certificate is normally issued when an employee leaves a company to join another one. When applying for a job, a number of employers now ask for an Experience Certificate from candidates claiming to hold an experience in a particular company. This certificate proves that the candidate holds a valid experience as it is mentioned in the CV. This makes the certificate a very significant document for jobseekers. It not only validates their experience on a specific post, but also highlight their major contributions towards an organization. This certificate has a certain structure and format that must be followed while writing it. It is an official document and it must contain some particular elements to add to its authenticity. If you want to write a precise experience letter then you must keep some important points in mind. These include:

  • Date of issuance: This appears on the top right or left side of an experience letter, and is an important element of an Experience Certificate, as it shows the date up to which the employee has served the company.
  • Unspecific Salutation: Instead of mentioning the name of the employee, the salutation usually consists of the words ‘To Whom It May Concern’. This is done to facilitate the receiver of the Experience Certificate or making copies ad submitting it to different employers.
  • Tenure of employment: The very first information that an experience letter should convey is the time for which the employee has worked in the company. This should consist of the date of employment and the date until which the employee served the company.
  • Body of the letter: After the major points covered in the beginning of the letter, the main body of the Experience Certificate focuses on the major contributions and strengths of the employee. This should be done in a brief and to the point manner, and the key skills and achievements should be mentioned in bullet points in the body of the letter. The body should mention how well the employee performed and how dedicated he or she was while rendering the duties. Some major achievements can also be mentioned in the body, but it is better to mention it in quantitative form.
  • Final Ending: The experience letter should end on a positive note by wishing the employee for success in career or should mention that one is free to contact the concerned authority in future for any further reference. It is advisable to exclude any kind of negative comment from the experience letter, as this can influence one’s job prospects in future.
  • Regards and Signature: This is what ends an experience letter with the signature of the Manager of the department the employee was employed in, or the HR manager of the company. This is followed by the signature of the manager, name of the company, contact information, and even the seal of the organization as well
  • Writing on the Letterhead: This kind of document should be written in the official letterhead of the company only as this makes the certificate authenticate. Nowadays, a number of people make fake Experience Certificates to prove their experience, so employers usually accept Experience Certificates, which are written on the letterhead of a company only, and which is duly signed by the authority of the company.


Here are some of the samples, which will help you to write a well-formatted Experience Certificate:

Sample 1


To Whom It May Concern

This certificate is to declare that Mr./Ms./Mrs. (Name of the employee), has been a part of the organization from (date of joining the company) to (date of leaving the company), on the post of (designation that the employee hold). According to our records, (name of the employee) has made every possible effort to contribute towards the success of our organization. (Name of the employee) has been sincere, hardworking, and honest employee and has used his or her dexterity to solve many problems that came in the way of carrying out his or her routine duties.

We wish all the best to (name of the employee) ad hope that he or she succeed in his career.


Name of the manager


Name of the company

Stamp of the company



Sample 2-


To (Name of the Employee)

Name of Designation/post held

Name of the company

I hereby certify that (name of the employee) has served our enterprise since (date of joining the company) as (post or designation) in the (name of the department). During his or her tenure of employment, (name of the employee) has been actively involved in different tasks assigned to him or her. He or she has shown complete dedication and confidence while rendering the job responsibilities which included (list some of the main job duties of the employee).

Moreover, we are satisfied with (name of the employee)’s conduct during his or her tenure with us. We hope that he or she can harness better opportunities that are laid ahead in the journey of their career.

We wish him/her all the success in all future endeavors.


Name of the concerned authority


Name of the company

Seal of the company

The employees who have held different positions in the same organization will have all the post listed in the Experience Certificate, as given in the following example:

Sample 3-


To Whom It May Concern

This certificate is to confirm that (name of the employee) have been a member of our team at (name of the company) and has held the following positions:

1.Name of Post: Tenure of employment given in exact dates

2.Name of post: Tenure of employment

3.Name of the post: Tenure with dates

During the tenure, he or she has shown excellence in all the tasks and have been promoted to higher positions based on the performance that he/she gave. Conduct as well as character of (name of employee) has been commendable all through the employment period. He/she resolved all the problems that came in the way with deftness and self-assurance and made sure that all the assigned tasks were completed within the given deadline.

We forward warm wishes for his/her future accomplishments and hope that he/she move up the ladder in his/her career.


Name of the manager

Post or designation of the manager

Name of the company

Seal of the company


One can choose any one of the samples to write an experience letter, and should make sure that the experience letter is written only on the authenticated letterhead of the company and must be duly signed by the authority issuing the certificate. Without these it would not be accepted by other employers, who verifies experience of candidates with the help of experience letters issued by the last company that they have worked for. The one issuing an Experience Certificate should also maintain the format and the structure of the experience letter, and it should be free from any kind of grammatical error.