Experience letter format for Web Developer

Experience letter format for Web Developer

With growth of the IT industry, demand for web designers and developers is also growing. There are a number of lucrative jobs in the market, and employers are always in the search for competent and experienced employees. The same goes for web developers, who play an important part in companies that put forward web-based solutions and services. If you are an experienced web developer and you wish to harness the opportunities available in the job market, then you will need an experience letter along with your CV to support your experience and give you an edge in the competition. Like every other business letter, an experience letter also follows a certain format, with proper sections and content. If you are looking for Experience letter format, then here are some sample Experience letter formats.

Experience letter format 1

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to confirm that (employee title with employee name) worked for (name of the company) as web developer from (date of joining the company) to (last working day). During his /her term of employment, his/ her performance was found satisfactory while rendering duties such as:

  • Supporting development, maintaining, and updating web portals as well as websites
  • Assisting in deployment and development of websites
  • writing codes for web based solutions
  • creating new web-based tools
  • resolving complaints of customers and responding to their suggestions to improve the products
  • developing documentation of user manuals
  • technical documentation
  • selecting techniques and methods for creating solutions using different tools of programming languages


His/ Her technical expertise and understanding of website development platforms and coding languages has helped our company to fulfill all our assignments successfully and on time.

We wish the best for his/her future endeavors

Name of the manager

Name of the post

Name of the company

Stamp of the company

Sample Experience letter format 2

Name of the employee


Name of the Company

This letter is to testify that (title and name of the employee) was working as a web developer at (name of the company) from (date of joining the company) to (date of leaving the company).

During this tenure, he/she carried out all his/ her duties including implementation of web prototypes and applications, configuring and customizing software programs, maintaining and supporting websites and systems, analyzing client needs, etc, with complete dedication and diligence. He/ She possess expert knowledge of programming and web designing platforms and he/she is also up to date with latest web designing trends. He/ She have always completed all tasks on time and is known for his/ her skills to satisfy the needs of the customers pertaining to web-based products and solutions.

We hope that he/she achieves all his/ her career goals and succeed in all his/ her ventures

Name of the supervisor or manager


Name of the company

Seal of the company


Either of the two examples of Experience letter formats can be used to write an experience letter for a web developer. One can make changes to the body of the letter, but the structure of the letter should be kept the same. It is important to make sure that the letter is written on the official letterhead of the company to ensure its authenticity and make it valid. Employers do not accept experience letters, which are not written on the letterhead of the company. This is usually done to avoid fake experience certificates that candidates now submit while applying for a job. The seal of the company is also important for an experience letter, as this also proves that the letter is a valid and genuine experience letter. One can shorten the content of the experience letter depending on the needs. Some prefers to elaborate the duties that the employee carried out during the term of employment and some likes to keep the experience letter short and to the point. You can go for either of the formats to write a proper experience letter for a web developer.