Experience letter format for Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Experience letter format for Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Even the top most authority of a company like the chief executive officer or the director of the company resigns from their job, and they might also need an experience letter to take up as the CEO in any other company. A CEO can also make a request to issue an experience certificate or letter, but the question, which generally arises is that being the top most authority of the company, who will sign on the letter of experience of a CEO. However, the director of the company, or even the owner of the company can do this either. Experience letters have emerged as an important document for employees who are leaving their job and even for employees who still work somewhere. The letter needs to be written in the latest format and should be written only on the letterhead of the company issuing it, to prove its authenticity. Here are a few sample Experience letter formats for the post of CEO:

Sample Experience letter format 1


Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee)


Name of the company

This letter is to verify that Mr. / Ms. (employee name) worked at (name of the company), as the CEO of the company from (date of joining the company) to (last day of working).

During these years, we found no loophole in the services provided by him/her, and he/ she rendered all his/ her responsibilities as the CEO of the company with complete dedication and hard work.

We wish him/ her all the best for all his/ her future endeavors.


Name of the Owner or Director

Name of the company

Seal of the company

Sample Experience letter format 2

 To Whom It May Concern

This is to confirm that (Name of the employee), acted as the CEO of (name of the company) from (number of years that the employer has served the company).

During his/ her term of employment, all his/her services were found satisfactory and he/ she carried out all his duties with diligence. Some of the main duties that he/ she rendered included:

  • Ensuring affordable business and maintain efficiency by organization and utilization of financial and human resources
  • Developing better business techniques and practices
  • Establishing long-term business plans for supporting the vision and values of the company
  • Organizing business activities and delegating duties to appropriate managers
  • Recommending business policies to the board governing the company
  • Preparing yearly budget and financial reports
  • Integrating the community and the business with influential public relations activities
  • Keep up professional affiliations for augmenting professional growth
  • Keeping the company up-to-date with latest business trends

His business skills and PR expertise has always been beneficial for the company and His vision has guided the company and the staff to achieve the business objectives and gave a boost to the growth of the company.

We wish that he/ she succeeds in all his/ her ventures in the time to come


Name of the company

Name of the Position

Organization Seal

Remember that the seal or stamp of the company is one of the most essential parts of the experience letter. This together with the letterhead of the company shows that the experience letter is authentic and the employee addressed in the letter genuinely hold the experience that he or she claims. The content of the experience letter can change depending on the position that the employee hold and the duties that he or she rendered. Otherwise, one can also use the short Experience letter format, giving just the important details about the employee’s experience. There is no need to elaborate the duties and responsibilities of the employee if you use the shorter Experience letter format. However, make sure that the designation, years of experience, date of joining and leaving the company, and other such important details are precise in the experience letter, or else it will be of no use.