Experience letter format for Engineer

Experience letter format for Engineer

If you are an experienced engineer, and you are applying for a new job, then your experience alone might not be able to get you the job. Nowadays, you need an experience letter to prove your experience in a particular industry. No matter what you mention in your CV, you need something to prove that your claims are not false. Many candidates now attach fake experience certificate or make false claim about their experience in their CV, to avoid such issues, employers now ask for experience letter written on letterhead of the company you worked for. The experience letter not only serves as a proof of your previous work experience, but it also provides a gist of your main job duties and responsibilities, and your major skills and accomplishments. Therefore, this can serve both as a proof for your work experience as well as your achievements in the position that you held. Here are some Experience letter format examples for the post of engineer.

Sample 1exprience letter format


To Whom It May Concern

This letter certifies that Mr. / Ms. (employee name) was employed at (name of the company) on the post of engineer (add the specific field of work such as electrical engineer, mechanical, or Civil engineer). He / She served the company with his/ her engineering skills from (date of joining the company) to (leaving date).

During his/ her term of employment, Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) successfully completed many engineering projects and excelled in all the assigned tasks.

We wish him prosperity and success in all his/ her future endeavors.


Name of HR manager or manager of the concerned department

Name of the company

Seal of the company

Sample Experience letter format 2

We are proud to testify that Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) worked at (name of the company) as Civil engineer (change the field of engineering accordingly). He/ She has been working in (name of the company) from the last (number of years that you worked).

Hired as a trainee engineer, (name of the employee), he/ she moved up the ladder in his/her career with the help of his/ her sound engineering skills, ability to solve problems, and efficient style of working. (Name of the employee) was committed to his/ her duties and also coordinated well with other departments.

We wish he/ she can harness all the opportunities coming his/ her way and achieves greater heights in career.

Name of the Manager


Name of the company

Seal of the company

Tips to remember while writing an experience letter

The first and the most significant thing to remember while writing an experience letter is to write it only on the company letterhead, as this validates the letter

The second point to keep in mind is to follow the right structure of the Experience letter format. The name of the addressee comes on the top of the letter, but it should be done only when the manager of the concerned department is issuing the experience letter. Otherwise, the letter is written in general Experience letter format, as given above.

The very first sentence of the experience letter must mention the fact that the employee holds an experience at a specific post for a specific duration. This should be followed by a description of his or her duties and major responsibilities, and then the letter should end with best wishes for the employee.

The name of the company as well as the seal of the company must follow the name of the manager issuing the experience letter

You can edit the duties and responsibilities of the employee depending on the post in which he or she is employed and can change other details related to a specific position. Generic experience letters usually contains the date of joining the company and the date of leaving the company, and the position that the employee held for that duration. These are usually brief and informative in nature.