Experience letter format for Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Experience letter format for Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

In the field of marketing, employers usually prefer to hire candidates who hold some experience in the field of sales and marketing. However, to prove that you have some prior marketing experience you will have to produce an experience letter in front of your prospective employer. With the rising incidence of candidates submitting fake experience letters, or making fake claims about their previous work experience, employers now ask for experience letters written on letterhead of company that you have worked in. This letter verifies your experience in a certain company on a particular post, and also mentions about the duties and responsibilities that you rendered during your tenure of employment. The Experience letter format is an integral part of the experience letter, as being an important business letter; this letter should also follow a correct format. If you are not aware of the latest Experience letter format, then here are a few samples of experience letter for the post of chief marketing officer.

Sample Experience letter format

To Whom It May Concern

This certificate confirms that Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee or addressee) worked with (name of the organization) on the post of chief marketing officer. He/she was a part of our team from (date of joining) to (date of leaving: if the employee is leaving the job).

The main tasks that Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) carried out as the CMO of (name of the company) include:

·         Carrying out market research and making recommendations thereon

·         Sketching out marketing strategies according to findings of marketing research

·         Managing advertisement and promotion campaigns

·         Coordinating with other marketing staff and managers

·         Managing brand value of our company’s products and services

·         Providing assistance to marketing and sales staff


His / Her marketing skills and expertise has always helped our company to fulfill our marketing goals on time. During his / her tenure at our company, he / she displayed complete integrity and commitment towards his/ her duties.

We hope that he/ she achieves all his/ her career goals in the time to come.


For (Name of the company)

Name of the issuing officer


Seal of the company


Sample Experience letter format


To Whom It May Concern (or write the name of the employee if the manager of the concerned department is issuing the letter)


This letter is to confirm that Ms. / Mr. (employee’s name) has worked at (Company’s name) as the chief marketing officer from (date of joining) to (resigning date). During the tenure, he/ she performed all his/ her duties efficiently. He/ She is known for his/ her pleasant personality and dedication towards his/ her duties. His/ Her efforts in the field of marketing have helped us to attain many of our business objectives. His/ Her knowledge and understanding of marketing strategies and ability to forecast the trends in the industry has always provided us an edge in the competitive market. All the decisions that he/she took were for the benefit of the company and he/she have served the company with complete devotion.


We hope that (name of the employee) succeed in all his/ her ventures.

 Yours Sincerely


Chairman/ manager of the marketing department/ or any other concerned authority

Name of the company

Seal of the company


Remember that apart from the name of the manager, or name of the company, the seal of the company is also a significant part of the Experience letter format as this proves that the letter is genuine. This is why only official letterhead of the company is used to write an experience letter. Another important element of the Experience letter format is the dates mentioned in it, as it shows for how long the candidate has been employed in the company. The duration of employment mentioned in the letter should tally with the years of experience that a jobseeker mentions in his or her CV.