Experience letter format for IT Consultant

Experience letter format for IT Consultant

IT consultants are hired by companies to develop and improve their software, data, or communication systems, and they put forward advise, solutions, as well as analysis services for the company. When hiring IT consultants, employers seek experienced candidates, as this post calls for technical expertise, and experience to manage communication and data systems. Candidates, who have worked in the IT industry, will definitely gets more preference for this kind of post. However, candidates have to submit experience letter in support of their experience. If you are looking for an Experience letter format for IT consultants, then here are a few Experience letter formats, which can help you to write an experience letter.

Sample 1exprience letter format

To Whom It May Concern

This letter certifies that Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) worked at (name of the company or organization) as an IT consultant from (either number of years that the employer worked or the joining and leaving date of the employee).

During his /her tenure of employment, he/she carried out several duties. Some of these included:

·         Assessing existing systems deployed in the company

·         Strategic planning as well as executing new processes and systems

·         Installing data networks

·         Providing troubleshooting and maintenance services

·         Providing technological solutions as per the needs of the customers

·         Assisting in designing and development of software platforms

·         Training other junior IT employees


He/ she rendered all his/ her duties with care and made sure that all the tasks assigned to him/ her were completed before the deadline. It is his dedication and devotion towards his/ her work that led him/ her to this post in (name of the company).

We hope that (name of the employee) achieves all his career goals and succeed in all his/ her missions.



Name of the Manager


Name of the company

Seal or stamp of the company


Sample 2


To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to confirm that (title and name of the employee) was appointed as the senior IT consultant at (name of the company) on (date of joining the company) and worked here up till (date of leaving the job).


As per our knowledge Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) holds an exceptional track record, as an IT Consultant at (name of the company) and his services has been satisfactory all through his/ her tenure on this post. Although he/ she started as a trainee in our organization, his/ her dedication, sincerity, and hard work has earned him/her the post of senior IT consultant. His/ Her technical knowhow and understanding of IT platforms has always been beneficial for our company. We hope that he/ she can move ahead in his/ her career and can harness new job opportunities coming his/ her way.

We wish him all the success and best wishes for his/ her future.


Name of the manager


Name and seal of the company


Although the letterhead of the company might consist of the company’s name, yet its name should be mentioned in body of the letter. While writing an experience letter, it is important to follow a well-designed Experience letter format with proper greeting, body of the letter, salutation, and a proper ending. The latest Experience letter format must be employed for writing an experience letter and one should also keep an eye on the language and grammar of the letter. One can use the longer format that lists down the main duties of the employee, or short format that highlights the main points only. In either of the Experience letter format, the date, the name of the employee, and other details associated with the employee must be given correctly. You mjust make sure that all the elements are present in the experience letter; one must proofread the letter before finalizing it. Another point to remember is to write the letter on the letterhead of the company only, as then only it will be considered genuine by employers.