Experience letter format for Marketing Manager

Experience letter format for Marketing Manager

Marketing managers takes care of advertising, marketing and promotional activities of a company and also takes all the necessary steps for enhancing the brand value of a company. Their main job is to attain business development objectives by researching and creating marketing plans and opportunities as well as executing sales plans. If you are working in any marketing related field and you have gained experience in that field, then this can help you to get a job as a marketing manager. However, before applying for this post you must procure an experience letter from your current or previous employer verifying your experience in marketing or any other related field. Before writing an experience letter it is important to get an idea of the correct structure and experience letter format. Here are some experience letter formats, which can be used for writing a good experience letter.

Experience letter format for the post of marketing manager


To Whom It May Concern

This letter hereby certifies that Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) has served at (name of the organization) as a marketing executive or (whatever post you held), from (date of joining the company) to (date of leaving the company).

During his/ her tenure he/ she demonstrated superb marketing knowledge and expertise and because of his/ her marketing skills our company has successfully completed many targets. During this time, (name of the employee) has carried out all his/ her duties in a professional and sincere manner. He/ she has not only assisted in marketing activities but has also made many efforts for training the junior marketing staff and keeping pace with latest marketing needs. His/ her sincere approach towards work and his/ her friendly personality has set high example among other staff.

We wish that he/ she succeeds in all his/ her future endeavors.


Name of the manager issuing the letter


Name of the company

Seal of the company



Here is another experience letter format with illustration about main job duties of the employee


To Whom It May Concern

Through this letter I certify that Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) worked as a marketing manager for (name of the company) since (number of years that the employee has served the company).

The immense marketing expertise of (name of the employee) has helped our company from the very beginning to launch several products successfully. His/ her marketing knowhow and skills was an asset for (name of the company) and has led to expansion and grown of the company. As a marketing manager (name of the employee) carried out duties such as:

·         Accomplshing HR objectives and targeted sales

·         Selecting, recruiting, orineing and even counseling other marketing staff

·         Attaining sales operational goals of the company

·         Contributing varied sales information and marketing data

·         Preparing and executive action plans

·         Attaining sales financial and marketing goals through forecasting requirements

·         Recognizing new market opportunities and establishing targeted share.


He/ she has proven his/ her capability as a marketing executive and his/ her amazing personality communication skills has always helped the company.

We wish that he/ she succeeds in his/ her future ventures.

Name of Manager issuing the experience letter


Name of the Company

Seal of the company


While writing an experience letter, you should make sure that you are following the right experience letter format. The format is important because it covers all the required elements of an experience letter, starting from date of issuning the letter, the salutation, the main details of the employee and his/ her term of employment. Another important requirement is the official letterhead of  the copany, as employers usually do not accept experience letter, which are not writtem pn official leterhesd pf the company. Several cabdidates now send fake certificate which are ultimately rejected by employers. The experience letter should be duly signed and stamped as well. This proves that the letter is a valid one. 

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