Experience letter format for Research Analyst

Experience letter format for Research Analyst

Research analysts are hired in different sectors and the job they do depends primarily on the industry they are employed in. their basic job across different companies is to collect market information and present the data in a way that other staff and customers can understand it. Research analysts are expert in a specific field and they hold experience about different fields. Employers usually hire a research analysis to carry out research in a field that they do not know about. Research analysts are involved in different research activities so employers prefer experienced person for this kind of work. If you hold any experience in the field of research and analysis, then you must get a proof for your experience to get a better job as a research analyst in a company. An experience letter for the post of a research analyst can be easily framed with the help of an Experience letter format. Here are a few sample Experience letter format that can be used for writing an experience letter.

Experience letter format for research analyst


To Whom It May Concern

This letter, hereby certifies that Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. (name of the employee) worked as research analyst at (name of the company) from (date of joining) to (date of leaving the job).

Throughout his/ her term of employment, we found all his/ her services up to the mark. He/ she carried out all his/ her responsibilities with diligence. Some of the main job duties of (name of the employee) included:

·         Analyzing fiscal data for making business forecasts and evaluating economic conditions to make important investment decisions

·         Gathering fiscal statements along with financial newspapers and economic information

·         Interpreting data related to future trends, business objectives, sales, price, etc

·         Summarizing data that describes long-term as well as present trends

·         Drawing graphs and making charts for illustrating different reports

·         Making recommendations based on findings of a research


While rendering all the above-mentioned duties, Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) demonstrated complete integrity and dedication.


We wish that he/ she succeeds in all his/ her future endeavors.

For (name of the company)


Name of the manager


Seal or stamp of the company


2. Experience letter format for research analyst




To Whom It May Concern


I am writing this letter to confirm that Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) worked at (name of the organization) from (date of appointment) to (date of leaving the job). During this term, (name of the employee) held many positions including.

1.Name of post

2.Name of position

Although he / she began as a trainee at (name of the company), his /her diligent and professional approach helped him/her to rise up to the post of head research analyst. During all these years, we found all his/her services to be satisfactory and we thank him/ her for the contribution that he/ she made towards the grown and development of the company.

His/her expertise make him/her an ideal research analyst, and he/ she will bring the maximum benefits to the company they will work for in the future.


We hope that he/she can harness new opportunities coming towards him/ her


For (name of the company)


Name of manager issuing the experience letter

Post held

Name of the company

Seal of the company


A well-framed experience letter, written on the official letterhead of a company can prove to be very useful for jobseekers to seek better employment opportunities. When you will attach your experience letter with your CV while applying for the job of research analyst, you will get an edge in the competition and can grab the attention of potential employers, who prefers experienced candidates for the post of research analyst. The dates and other details in the Experience letter format can be changed according to the specific details of the employees, but the basic structure of the letter should be maintained.