top 10 reasons why a relieving letter is important

How important is a relieving letter

Congratulations, you have just cracked on a new job offer. It is time you move on to your next company or the dream role that you were hoping for. You must be excited with the turn of things happening and at the same time anxious in completing the formalities of exit policy with your previous company.

While you are proceeding with your new job offer and making arrangements for it, make sure you collect your relieving letter before you join the next company.

A leading recruitment firm also warns that exit interviews should never be taken lightly and how a relieving letter is a crucial piece of official document.

Here are the top 10 reasons why a relieving letter is important:

  1. A relieving letter is that official document or communication that completely assures the new employer that you are no longer associated with the previous employer.
  2. Studies by recruitment agencies show that 92 per cent of the employees and managements across various domains take exit policies seriously. This means they will issue relieving letters with diligence for the candidate’s benefit.
  3. Your relieving letter can also contain a short description of your soft skills or leadership skills. This depends entirely on the person issuing the relieving letter, whether to include such information. When included, your relieving letter not only says that you have quit your previous organization but also talks a little about yourself. This puts you in better light professionally.
  4. Several top organizations do not proceed with a candidate’s employment despite being selected through interview process if the candidate does not possess a relieving letter.
  5. Research findings also show that more than 90 per cent of the organizations stress on a relieving letter during recruitment.
  6. Several candidates’ especially fresh graduates and junior professionals do not realise the importance of a relieving letter. A relieving letter stands as a pillar for walking without any problems into your next job.
  7. Your relieving letter from the previous employer shows that you have cleared all the dues and have no work pending there.
  8. A relieving letter helps your new employer to trust you fully and begin the work. Certain organizations pass on confidential information to their employees.
  9. Relieving letter helps organizations to make sure that the employee who is going to resign is completely relieved from his duties and is not carrying any of the company’s data or internal property.
  10. A relieving letter displays the professionalism exhibited by the company and the candidate. The format of the relieving letter and its issue is crucial for the new employer to understand the professional background of its new recruit.

A Relieving letter is important for a clean exit policy. Top companies in various sectors prefer candidates with a relieving letter along with other documents while entering their company.



Employee name

Employee designation

Employee address

 Dear Employee name

With reference to your letter dated ___________ for resigning from the services of our organization,

We write to inform you that your resignation has been accepted and you shall be relieved of your duties with effect from close of working hours of _______________.

You are requested to hand over all the property of the company including hard copies and e copies of files, brochures etc to the authorized people.

Your salary, incentives and other benefits have been settled with the company and you can collect the same on the day of relieving after office hours.

We appreciate your contribution towards our company. We wish you the very best in all your future endeavours.

With best wishes,

Authorized signature