Experience letter format for Chief Operating Officer

Experience letter format for Chief Operating Officer

Experience letters are equally important for mid-level and higher level executives. Even if you have loads of experience and you have been on authority level position like Chief Operating officer, you still need an experience letter to certify your experience. The higher the position the more is the responsibility, and employers when hiring for such senior level posts do not leave any scope for mistake. This is why even if you have served as the chief operating officer you will need an experience letter as a proof of your experience. Now you can avail of sample experience letters to get an idea of correct Experience letter format. Here are some of experience letter samples designed for the post of chief operating officer. Either you can choose the detailed Experience letter format, which enumerates the job duties of the employee, or you can go with the brief to the point Experience letter format.

Sample Experience letter format 1

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to declare that Mr. / Ms. (employee name) worked at (company name), as the Chief operating officer from the last (number of years that the employee worked for).

All his/ her services were satisfactory during his/ her tenure. Some of the main job duties that (employee name) rendered included:

·         Recruitment, selection, counseling and training managers to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s management

·         Communication of business objectives, strategies, and values across different departments

·         Assigning tasks and accountabilities among staff

·         Monitoring and planning as well as appraising results of different tasks

·         Providing educational and training opportunities to the staff

·         Developing strategic plans

·         Recommending objectives

·         Maintain image of company by collaborating with government, customers, and other organizations.


All the tasks he/ she performed reflected his/ her dedication towards his position and displayed his communication skills and interpersonal skills.


We express our best wishes for Mr. / Ms. (Name of the employee) and all his/ her future endeavors.


Name of the Chairman or Concerned Authority


Name of the company

Stamp of the company


Sample Experience letter format


To Whom It May Concern


This letter certifies that Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. (employee name) has served at (name of the company) as the Chief Operating Officer from (date of joining) to (date of leaving the job).


As the role demanded, Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) served the company with complete dedication, and used his/her business skills and expertise to solve all the problems that came in the way of daily business operations. He/ she managed all his duties with care and diligence and made sure that all business activities are carried out efficiently.


We wish the best for Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee), and hope that he/ she succeed in all his/ her future ventures.


Name of the Chairman/CEO/ Concerned Authority issuing the experience letter




Name of the company


Seal of the company


Both the Experience letter formats can be used for writing an experience letter depending on the needs of the employee or the policy of the issuing company. Usually brief experience letters are more common, but sometimes employees requests for detailed experience letter listing down the duties that they carried out during their term of employment. The latter kind of experience letters not only testify the work experience of an employee, but also gives a detailed explanation and appraisal about the major duties and responsibilities that the employee carried out. In both the Experience letter formats, the addressee name will depend on the issuing party. When the HR Department issues an experience letter, it is written in a general tone and is addressed as “To Whom It May Concern”, but when a manager or concerned supervisor issues the letter, it is usually addressed to the employee only. The letter must be written on the letterhead of the company only, as then it will be considered authentic by prospective employers.