Experience letter format for HR managers

Experience letter format for HR managers

Employers now usually ask candidates to submit their work experience letter certifying their previous work experience to make sure that the candidates hold a valid experience, and five years or ten years experience that they mention in their CV is not a hoax. Employers also check that the experience letter is written only on the letterhead of the company, as many job seekers now submit fake experience letter to support their claim of previous job experience, even when they have none. This is the reason why employees requests their managers to issue an experience letter at the time of leaving the job, so that they can use it while applying for other jobs. Some existing employees also ask for experience letter, as this need while getting a VISA sometimes. Here you can check out some of the samples with latest Experience letter format designed for HR managers.

Sample Experience letter format for HR manager


This letter certifies that (name of the employee) worked as HR Manager at (name of the organization) from (joining date) to (date of leaving the job). (If the employee is still working then the duration of his or her should be mentioned).

During his/her tenure his/her services was satisfactory and he/she carried out duties meticulously. Some of the main job duties include:

  • Executing HR duties through application of HR policies and procedures prescribed for employee relationships
  • Aligned HR services with the needs of the company
  • Carrying on recruitment process and training of newly selected employees
  • Executing HR plans to augment operational effectiveness
  • giving employees opportunities for career development
  • advertising job openings
  • providing feedbacks on different plans to managers and making recommendations accordingly
  • facilitating performance review and rating
  • coaching managers to assess developing talent
  • counseling managers and other staff to understand the complex employer employee relations issues
  • assisting management in maintaining as well as enhancing employee engagement level


In all his/her tasks and projects, he/she showed complete dedication and brought out positive outcome, ultimately benefiting the company.

We wish the best for him/her in all future ventures

Name of the manager issuing the letter

Designation of the manager

Name of the company

Seal of the company

Sample Experience letter format for HR Managers


To Whom It May Concern

I hereby attest that Mr. / MS. (name of the employee) has been a priced part of our company for (the duration of employment). He/ she has been well mannered and motivated all through his/her journey from being a trainee to becoming the senior HR manager at (name of the company). He/she has successfully achieved all targets within the given timeframe; and has emerged as a strong personality while rendering his/her duties.

He/ She has also been awarded best employee twice because of his/her immense hard work and dedication in rendering all HR related activities and responsibilities. His/ Her knowledge of HR practices and policies is faultless and his/her problem solving abilities has also helped us to tackle a number of difficult situations. He / She have attended a number of HR seminars and he/ she is a certified HR professional.

We wish all the best to Mr. / Ms. (name of the employee) and hope that he / she attain all his/ her goals successful.


Name of the chairperson or manager


Name of the company

Seal of the company


With the correct Experience letter format, one can frame a proper letter on the official letterhead of the company and can testify the experience that a candidate holds. The Experience letter format is important because the experience letter is also a very important business letter and helps a candidate to prove his or her work experience in any particular field. It also enumerates the skills and job duties of the candidate and thus highlights what all a candidate has achieved while being in the company.