Experience Letter Format for Accountant

Experience Letter Format for Accountant

Accountants carry out a number of duties in different organizations, and are employed at different levels. Their duties mostly vary with the kind and size of the organization and the level at which they are appointed. As far as an accountant is concerned, experience counts a lot in this field. The more experienced you are the better job prospects will come your way. You might have the right training and the knowledge of accounting practices and trends, but if you have an experience letter with you, then you will be able to harness the best job opportunities out of the rest. To write a perfect experience letter, you need to follow the right Experience letter format, and if you get the format correct, then you can easily edit the content and can customize the experience letter according to the post of the employee and other requirements. Check out these examples to find out about the latest Experience letter format and structure.

Experience letter format 1


To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to testify that Mr./ Ms. (name of the employee) worked with (name of the company) as the senior accountant from the last (number of years that the employee held the designation). He/ she joined the company as a trainee accountant in (joining year) and since then he/ she has shown great effort and dedication in carrying out all the assigned duties. The duties ranged from bookkeeping to making final accounts, and even budgeting tasks.

(Name of the employee) have the served the company with devotion and due to this devotion only, he or she was promoted to the post of senior accountant.

We hope that he/ she keep on attaining new heights in his/ her career and keep up the good work.

Name of the manager

Name of the company

Seal of the company

  • In this kind of experience letter, the matter is kept short with just the amount of information, which is required to confirm a candidate’s experience and skills that he or she possesses. You can also use a more detailed kind of Experience letter format as given below:

Experience letter format 2



Mr. / Ms. ____________


Name of company

This letter certifies that Mr. / Ms. (Name of the employee) worked as an accountant at (Name of the company) from (joining date) to (last working day).

During this term, we found that he/ she rendered all his/her duties with meticulousness and all his/ her services were found to be satisfactory. His/ her main job duties included:

  • Preparing and analyzing accounting records, fiscal reports, and financial statements
  • Check accuracy of reports and procedural standards
  • Analyzing business trends, operations, financial commitments, revenues, etc
  • Computing taxes and tax returns
  • Reporting all the findings to the management
  • Developing, maintaining as well as evaluating budgets and preparing reports based there on
  • Recordkeeping and maintenance of accounting systems
  • Preparing manuals and forms for bookkeeping and accounting staff
  • Carrying out surveys for finding out accounting needs
  • Recommending solutions to accounting and other business problems




We wish that Mr./ Ms. (name of the employee) excels in this field and attain all his career goals.

For (name of the organization)

Manager (or any other concerned authority)

Name of the company

Stamp or Seal of the company

If you are the manager of a company and you have received a request from an accountant working in your company to issue an experience letter, then you can use any of the given Experience letter formats to write an experience letter. You must ensure that you follow the latest and correct format only so that you can frame a professional experience letter. Remember that it should include the term that the employee worked for in the company and the designation that he or she held, and you can also put down the duties that the employee carried out as an accountant in the company.