Experience letter format for Business Analyst

Experience letter format for Business Analyst

As an employer, you will have to write experience letter for different letters either when they leave the company or when they need it for other procedures, such as applying for Visa. To write a professional letter of experience, you must be aware of the latest Experience letter format and the main points, which should be covered in it. Here we have for you some of the best Experience letter formats, which you can pick to frame an experience letter. Make sure that you stick to the main elements of the format to ensure validity and authenticity of the letter. You should always write an experience letter on the official letterhead only, and can also add a description of major skills and qualifications of the employee. Check out these sample experience letters to get an idea about the right way of writing an experience letter.

A basic Experience letter format for business analyst


To Whom It May Concern

I hereby certify that (title and name of the employee) worked as a business analyst at
(name of the organization). He/ She have been working since (number of years) and have carried out all his/ her duties satisfactorily. His/ her main responsibilities as a business analyst included:

  • Identifying and defining business requirements and recommending technical solutions to fulfill the needs
  • Creating as well as maintaining requirements, carrying out analysis, and even coordinating designs of different solutions
  • Putting down detailed specification requirements
  • Tracing requirements and verifying results

He/ She also completed all his/ her assigned tasks in time. We express our best wishes for all his/ her future endeavors.

Name of the manager issuing the letter


Name of the organization

Stamp and seal of the organization



A brief sample Experience letter format


To Whom It May Concern

We hereby confirm that (tile and name of the employee) had been working with (name of the company) as a business analyst for (number of years the employee served).

During his or her term of employment, he/ she has carried out all his/ her responsibilities with care and participated in all the tasks with sincerity and determination. Apart from being immensely qualified, Mr. / Ms. (name of the emplpoyee) is a professional, devoted, and motivated person and it is his/ her overall personality and expertise, which has contributed towards the development of our company.

Moreover, (name of the employee) displayed exceptional behavior and talent in performing his or her duties with (name of the company). We found all his/ her services to be reasonable and reliable. His coordination skills also made him a great team player. He/ she is also a great person to work with.

It was his/ her decision to leave our company and we still expect that he/ she excels in whatever venture he/ she undertakes.

Yours sincerely

Name of the manager

Name of the organization

Stamp or Seal of the school

You can make changes in the format of the experience letter if required and can add details about an employee. However, most of employers likes to keep the Experience letter format brief and simple. Name of the employee, designation that he or she held, date of joining and leaving the company, etc are the main points to put across in an experience letter. Normally, an employee ask for an experience letter at the time of resignation, but if the reason is something different than this then you will write the letter accordingly. If the letter is issued for any other reason, other than resignation, then you can skip the joining or leaving dates, or you can simply the mention the years that the employee worked for. Grammar or spelling mistakes should be avoided from an experience letter, as this is a very significant official document for a job seeker, who wants to get priority in a job search based on the years of experience that the candidates holds.

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