How to Write Application for Issuing Experience Certificate / Letter

How to Write Application for Issuing Experience Certificate

When it comes to your job prospects Experience Certificate can make a big difference. Those who are leaving their job to move ahead in their career should not forget to ask for an Experience Certificate from the employer. This certificate ensures that your experience is suitably represented before potential employers. If you have worked hard for your company and have brought good result for the company, then an Experience Certificate verifying your tenure in the company is your right. Sometimes, employers give it without asking when you leave the job, but this does not happen all the time.

In majority of the cases, employees have to ask for the Experience Certificate when leaving the job. If you are in the same position, then you need to know the way to write an application to ask for the issuance of your Experience Certificate. It is always a good idea to put down your request for the certificate in paper and submit it to your HR department.

Here are the instructions that can help you to write an application for issuing Experience Certificate:

  • You can start the letter with addressing your employer. Start with his or her name, followed by the job title, and then the name of the company. There is another format, similar to resignation letters, where you mention your name, job title, company’s name, followed by the date, and then the name of your employer, his job tile, and name of the company. You can follow any of the formats in your application.
  • After the address add the subject of the letter which will simply be “Application for issuance of Experience Letter”
  • Then comes the greeting part, in which you can add dear followed by the last name of your boss. You can also go for ‘Respected Sir’ instead of the name, but the former is better for a formal application.
  • The body of the letter starts after the greeting. Mention your name, position that you hold in the company, and the period for which you have served the company. You can then mention the reason of your leaving the job, similar to your resignation letter, and can also mention that you need the Experience Certificate for further reference. You can also mention whether you need the Experience Certificate for another job, or for Visa processing.
  • Add a request line after mentioning the reason. For example, ‘I kindly request you to issue my Experience Certificate stating my position and tenure in your company, for which I will be very grateful to you.’
  • Add the thanking you line while ending the letter followed by ‘yours sincerely’ and then your name and position that you hold in the company.

You can change the content of the application as per your situation and need. If your potential employer is asking for the certificate and has provided you a deadline to submit it, then you can also mention this in your application and can request your current employer to issue the certificate as quickly as possible. Remember to sound polite in the letter and state how you have served the company with all your dedication and handwork and how you deserve the Experience Certificate. You can also mention that this certificate will be of great help in the future for you. If you have submitted your resignation letter, then you can cite that as well in the application. A number of times, employees submit the request application for Experience Certificate along with the resignation. This will make sure that you get the Experience Certificate along with the relieving letter in time.